he so fine

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*clears throat* For all of you that’s trying to come for my fave saying he a flop and he aint making money…..




Lmfaooooooo aw okay

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This Woman's Worth
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Maxwell-This Woman’s Worth

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Is it wrong that I like died at the August interview, that nigga snapped. She got hella defensive too.
“If you don’t want to answer the question, you don’t have to.”
“I won’t. Testimony in stores man.”
I’m fucking crying, omg. Aug a real ass nigga, I cannot. I would have said the same shit.

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#TransformationTuesday ➰ from one year to the next. #dt

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#transformationtuesday #dt

Another You
Chris Brown
In My Zone 2
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"Another You": Chris Brown

Another song from Chris Brown’s new In My Zone 2 Mixtape.  Track 16 specifically.  It is a really good slow song and I think its one of the best tracks on it.  With You  2.0 maybe? Hope Chris releases this as a single so the public knows about it just like how Deuces and No Bullshit did from his Fan of a Fan Mixtape with Tyga. 

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'Cuz sista, you don't need him.

I ain’t tryna gas ya up, I just call ‘em how I see ‘em…

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Inbox me one song that you wouldn’t have listened to if Chris wasn’t on it or a song that you only listen to for Chris’s part!! And I’ll tell if you if I agree or not.. Anonymous or not I don’t care just inbox me

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If I were to ask you not to bring up any beef that I’ve had in the past and you bring it up, how the hell are you gonna get upset with my reaction when you DO bring it up? If August warned her beforehand, then what the hell was she asking the question for? That’s what happens when interviewers…


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For Loyal to be such a flop as people say.. it’s nearing gold status.. almost top ten on the billboard hot 100, blowing up the radio waves and the video is doing roughly a million views per day



..all of this without ANY promo… and my fave dealing with personal issues at the moment… but Chris is flopping as some of you assholes would say… okay… carry on


Sis not no damn promo other then the fans doing they damn job. This that magical flop. Fave ain’t did not no performance, not no vine, or living room performance or nothing and it’s slaying after being out for months, 

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