Role Play ;) - Spiffy Imagine

He grabbed my hips, grinding onto me hard, rubbing his ridiculous erection on my ass. And just like that, I wanted him. The inside of my thighs began to dampen to extents of those immeasurable. 

"I could fuck you all the ti-i-i-i-imeee!"

The base was exciting me and i bit down on my bottom lip turning to him. “Hey, um. What’s your name again?”

"Don’t worry about that. Look, we should head over to my place," He yelled over the track. I nodded my head and grabbed his hand.

A smirk took over his face as he dapped up his friends, while leading the way to his car.

I snatched open the passenger door and climbed in as he swag walked to the driver’s seat. I roll my eyes, watching him and rubbing my legs together to ease some pressure. 

He slides into the car, licking his lips, putting the keys in the ignition.

"Nah," I say. "Fuck me here and now."

I came at him straight forward and I could tell he loved it. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a rubber. In the meantime, I fondled my breasts, pulling my dress down to do so.

"Nuh uhn, I need more space than this.. I plan on putting in work tonight."

And with that he took off. Speeding down the empty streets of New York, he pulled into his driveway rather fast.

"Getcho ass out," He said, cutting off his car. I got out and walked up to the door, waiting for him. He was by my side in an instant, unlocking the door to his home. 

I looked at him as he looked at me and we attacked each other, kissing sloppily, with no fucks given… Except the fucking that was about to take place.

He picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. He added tongue and so did I. 

We were bumping into things on our way up the stairs, leaving a mess behind us ; paintings, picture frames, anything you could think of. All of it was on the floor.

When he finally made it to our room, he dropped me onto the bed. He unbuttoned his jeans, pulling those along with his boxers, to the floor around his ankles. He pulled my dress over my head and threw it across the room. 

He crashed his body down over mine and kissed me hard, forgetting about his shirt. But I didn’t. I wanted to see all his skin.

I moved my hands up to his chest and grip the collar, ripping it down the middle, pulling it off of his arms. He smirked again and laid me on my side.

"Pull your knees to your chest." He demanded. And I did.

He rubbed the head on my now poking kitty. I groaned a little and watched as he slid in, biting down on my bottom lip.

"Shit," He hissed, grinding and thrusting. He started speeding up within seconds and my ass wasn’t prepared.

"Awww yes, Chres!" I moaned closing my eyes.

He slapped my ass, gripping it as that dark look took over his features. I knew then that I was in for a long night.

Role play always brings out my spiffy demon ;)

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